I’m delighted to report that my portrait of Bressingham Gardens courted some attention – that’s all I had hoped for it really. More than that though, I’m told it was shortlisted for the ‘Highly Commended’ group – before being pipped at the post! So, they’ve asked to keep it for now and display it on the walls of Bressingham Hall which is honour enough for me. It’s fair to say that they selected a very worthy winner who produced a really striking triptych of specimen plant-heads in close-up.

Our new art term has begun with Ed now and we are painting human portraits. Here’s my first attempt below, cribbing an oil painting from a work-book by Anthony Connolly. I was beginning to get impatient with my oil paints and lay on the layers too thickly too soon so Ed has reined me in and taught me to practice the art of ‘dry-painting’ making the medium stretch as far as it possibly can before dipping the brush back into the paint again. It really helped to bring this portrait round.

She looks a bit moody but I’m pleased with her and I love the colour palette!

Am just gearing up now for my weekend exhibition at Great Glemham Church. I’m going to be showing alongside some big guns like Ania Hobson so I’m quite excited. Then next week my series of Galgo & hound paintings will go on show at Suffolk Living, 12 Orwell Road, Felixstowe where it will remain until the end of October. Fingers crossed, I get some hound-lovers through the doors!