I was thrilled to be told by a fellow dog-walker last week that there was a red sticker on my painting of Olive, a recent exhibit at St Mary’s Church, Hadleigh’s annual art show. Joy of joys. After initial feelings of joy and disbelief I suddenly felt a twinge of sadness. I would be sad to lose it – that’s why I’d put such a high premium on it. Oh well, it was a necessary confidence-boost and the highest price I’d ever received for a painting of mine and actually the first painting I’d ever sold at Hadleigh Church – so, I must be making progress.

Only yesterday, whilst chatting with my neighbour Anne, I learned that the person who’d bought it was a friend of hers, ‘a particularly nice friend’ and not even a Whippet owner so that spoke volumes I felt and I was reassured to know it’s gone to a good home.

I’ve been dabbling with galgos again but not quite so successfully as my earliest attempts. Here below is Pipa from Galgos del Sol. Ever since catching my daughter’s cold I feel very desensitised and as if I’ve stepped off an aeroplane but hopefully I’ll be firing on all cylinders again soon. I think we all need a really keen sense of perception for producing our best artwork and mine is currently not as sharp as it might be.

Onwards and upwards …

Am getting excited about Suffolk Open Studios now, which will soon be upon us.