I’ve embarked upon my first stab of teaching oils this July and my old friend Sheela has been a very compliant guinea pig. Here are some pictures of her below attempting her first EVER painting. She’s a whizz at interior design so I’m expecting her to make striking progress very quickly as indeed her picture of Rayo the Galgo demonstrates …

Our sessions are 2.5 hours long which gives us enough time to make significant headway and by the end of session 2 Rayo was almost complete. Well done Sheela!

My daughter and I have just got back from a five day break in Stockholm where we saw some wonderful artwork at the Moderna Museet and were overjoyed to stumble upon a really inspiring ‘Spirit of Bloomsbury’ exhibition at the Artipelag art gallery in the Stockholm archipelago. Some pictures below …

Can highly recommend this stunning venue, a marvel of architecture nestled amongst the pine trees on a cliff top.

I missed the easel while I was away and to make up for lost time have today revelled in a glorious ‘Painting Friday’, managing to finish my latest portrait of Olive in the process. I tried to push the boundaries with this one, going for slightly more ambitious composition than usual. I think it turned out okay. The blanket was the greatest challenge which I was only able to resolve with a rather protracted squint.

Voila … and au revoir till August.