Meet Muguet – our new family member!

Muguet, (Moo-gay) meaning ‘Lily of the Valley’ in French will be 12 weeks old on Sunday when she’ll be allowed to go out and sniff the big wide world outdoors for the first time.

She’s a beauty and shaping up very nicely as my next muse ….

but after a busy month of mopping up puddles, appeasing grumpy old Olive and playing tug of war with ‘Monkey’ I’m feeling pretty wiped out.

When I finally get back to the easel I’ll be under the scrutiny of two pointy faces… but get back to the easel I must as I have 5 commissions now looming.

There seemed to be a bit of a Cockerpoo theme going on before Christmas. Here’s one of two of my Christmas Cockerpoo commissions:

Rory – oil on board

I was grateful for this lovely appraisal from Mary:

This is just brilliant! It’s so Rory. I’m absolutely chuffed to bits. You are going to be making one lovely little 16 year old VERY happy this Christmas. Thank you so very much.

which just leaves one more to Cockerpoo to go – Hadleigh Alfie is the next in line ….!