Commission Me


What medium?

If you have a preference for oil or pastel then please specify.

As a rule, I tend to favour oils these days for commissions but there are some breeds of dog which I think lend themselves particularly well to pastels like Lurchers or rough-coated dogs. Apart from the Whippets and Galgos, the wider majority of dogs in the gallery have been drawn in pastel.

What size?

I think that A3  portraits work very well as a rule and tend to favour them. Most of the boards I use are a shade larger than A3.

If you would like me to work to an exact standard size ie A4, A3 or A2 then please specify. This is a cost-effective way of finding a non-bespoke, stock frame to fit your portrait if you decide to undertake the framing yourself.

Pastel portraits

Your finished ‘Dogs by Dominica’ pastel portrait will come complete with a complimentary antique-white mount, signed and sealed in a celobag. Framing is your responsibility unless you would like to request this at an additional cost. Please specify when ordering and see framing prices for pastel portraits in the ‘prices’ section below.

Oil Paintings

Your finished ‘Dogs by Dominica’ oil painting will be painted on board and unframed unless you order a frame as an optional extra. With oil paintings a 6 month drying time is advised - so please be mindful of this when ordering! You will have to handle with care if you require a fast turnaround time on your order and if you are ordering it as a present for someone, please make sure the recipient is aware of the drying-time requirement.

"We chose Dominica to do a portrait of my daughter's dog Teddy and was rewarded with a remarkable likeness which captured him perfectly. She even took the trouble to visit us to meet him. This gift will be treasured by our daughter and we can thoroughly recommend this talented artist".   

Andrew and Jill Good. Boxford.   December 2017

Murphy in pastels


Here are some guideline prices for the following standard size portraits:

A4  - £100

A3 - £125

A2 - £150

These prices are quoted for single subjects and are valid only until the end of this year.

If you would like to commission a portrait of more than one dog then please add an extra £50 for each additional subject. Whatever the case, please don’t be afraid to discuss your requirements with me.

Standard framing   -   £30 (optional) available upon request

Bespoke framing   -   from £65  available upon request 

What reference material is required?

Whenever possible, I do like to meet and get to know my subject matter in person first. I will travel to you at no extra cost if you are within an hour’s drive away. I am based in Hadleigh, Suffolk. Otherwise, I am happy to work from photographs sent by post or email. Please send high quality photos whenever possible.  If you are planning on giving a portrait to a friend and are unsure of how to get some photos to me without them knowing then why not surprise them with one of my Gift Certificates instead? Please see below. These make great presents and can be inserted into a card of your choice. See my 'cards' page for options.


How long will my commission take?

Once we have decided on the reference photo of your choice I will ask for 50% deposit in order to book your portrait in. Once payment has been received by BACS, please allow up to four weeks for completion. As a rule, my commissions take between two to three weeks to complete but that can vary according to work commitments.

Upon completion, I will email you a photograph of the finished portrait to confirm your approval. Any changes can be made at this stage. Once you have given me your seal of approval I will ask you to settle the remaining 50% of the portrait price by BACS or cash upon collection/delivery. If you would like me to undertake framing then that can be discussed at this stage.

It is your responsibility to check that the portrait and its frame (if requested) is in mint condition upon receipt. I cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred to it on the journey home or following exchange of hands. If it’s a pastel, then the portrait will be bubble-wrapped for safety before your journey home.


‘When I first saw Dominica’s work, I knew she was the artist to paint my beloved dog Jessie, who passed over in April. Every time I look at the painting I just see my beautiful girl, it has brought a part of her back to me. I really couldn’t be more grateful.’

Samantha Stanford,  Suffolk       August 2018

If you'd like to order some greetings cards of your 'First Friend' to accompany your portrait then please ask. Cards can be ordered at a price of £1.00 each. These have proved a popular add-on with previous clients.

Gift Vouchers

'Dogs by Dominica' gift vouchers are also available to order. These can be exchanged for portraits or private tuition. Please contact me for details.


"The most treasured gift arrived in the post today; a portrait of Kobe. Dominica, you have so captured the heart and soul of my little buddy, with all his wit and whimsical charm. I salute you."

Barbara Hazlett, San Pedro, California