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Suffolk dogs required!

If you live in Suffolk, own a beautiful pooch and would like to join my ‘Suffolk Dog‘ card range please get in touch.

Over the last year I’ve worked on various commissions of Suffolk dogs and have built up a small card range to commemorate some of these wonderful and beautiful characters.

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Here’s Jumilla, rescued from the streets of Murcia by the supersonic Galgos del Sol . To rehome her or one of her friends see

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Meet Muguet – our new family member!

Muguet, (Moo-gay) meaning ‘Lily of the Valley’ in French will be 12 weeks old on Sunday when she’ll be allowed to go out and sniff the big wide world outdoors for the first time.

She’s a beauty and shaping up very nicely as my next muse ….

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Here’s a commission I’ve just completed for a friend’s nephew. Milo the dog is apparently obsessed by the new log-burner in the house. I hope the painting successfully illustrates that point!

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I’m delighted to report that my portrait of Bressingham Gardens courted some attention – that’s all I had hoped for it really. More than that though, I’m told it was shortlisted for the ‘Highly Commended’ group – before being pipped at the post! So, they’ve asked to keep it for now and display it on the walls of Bressingham Hall which is honour enough for me.

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Now the mayhem of Summer seems to have subsided, I’ve had plenty of catch-up time in my studio. Pure bliss. Sheela, my ever-enthusiastic pupil, has been a regular visitor on Tuesday mornings and teaching me a lot in return about art and how much more I ought to know and need to learn.

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I’ve embarked upon my first stab of teaching oils this July and my old friend Sheela has been a very compliant guinea pig. Here are some pictures of her below attempting her first EVER painting. She’s a whizz at interior design so I’m expecting her to make striking progress very quickly as indeed her picture of Rayo the Galgo demonstrates …

Our sessions are 2.5 hours long which gives us enough time to make significant headway and by the end of session 2 Rayo was almost complete.

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June – Suffolk Open Studios 2018

The doors of my Open Studio have almost closed again for another year and I look forward to seeing which visitors will arrive on the last day, tomorrow. It’s always a fun waiting-game. You never know what fish you’ll catch or who’ll be the next person to walk through that gate.

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I was thrilled to be told by a fellow dog-walker last week that there was a red sticker on my painting of Olive, a recent exhibit at St Mary’s Church, Hadleigh’s annual art show. Joy of joys. After initial feelings of joy and disbelief I suddenly felt a twinge of sadness.

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I am very excited to announce that my beloved Olive will be on the walls of the Apex in Bury St Edmunds this month until the 7th May, rubbing shoulders with some very fine works of art from some of the best studios across the county. Go Olive! Sock it to ’em.

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