Yearly Archives: 2019

Suffolk dogs required!

If you live in Suffolk, own a beautiful pooch and would like to join my ‘Suffolk Dog‘ card range please get in touch.

Over the last year I’ve worked on various commissions of Suffolk dogs and have built up a small card range to commemorate some of these wonderful and beautiful characters.

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Here’s Jumilla, rescued from the streets of Murcia by the supersonic Galgos del Sol . To rehome her or one of her friends see

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Meet Muguet – our new family member!

Muguet, (Moo-gay) meaning ‘Lily of the Valley’ in French will be 12 weeks old on Sunday when she’ll be allowed to go out and sniff the big wide world outdoors for the first time.

She’s a beauty and shaping up very nicely as my next muse ….

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